Free Will & the Egg (An original exposition of an original idea)

Free will is an egg.  No matter whatever you make scrambled eggs, deviled eggs, go with sunny side up, over easy, or an omelet, there will be remnants of egg juice somewhere: on the counter, utensils in the sink or bowl or even just simple leftovers or uncooked portions of the egg.  No matter how you have cooked or not cooked the egg, no matter how you ignore your actions you still need to deal with the egg (or the mess from the remnants of the egg).

The solution is simple!  Throw the unused egg in the trash.  Seal up the bag and drop it in the dumpster. Once you have done this do not under any circumstances go digging through the dumpster for that rotten egg!  Don’t be nasty.  Souls get ill too!

Nobody wants people in their lives with rotten eggs hiding under cushions, in closets, or even just sitting out for all to enjoy.  That just makes the place (your life) smell like a cheap hotel room rented deep down south of the border after ten college guys had a kegger and collectively downed twenty pounds of unnoticeably soured refried beans the night prior. Somewhere they stopped for that kegger on the way down to Key West, for spring break.

Mistakes and errors in free will do happen and some eggs can’t be removed.  In this life we are only human.  Deal with your rotten eggs so those around you don’t leave and/or sicken and die.  As profound as our free will can be it requires responsibility, maintenance and spring-cleaning just like after Easter egg hunts.

Not every illness is due to eggs.  Not every rotten egg will kill you and yours.  Revere your eggs so others can enjoy their eggs untainted.


Parabhjot (Par)


One thought on “Free Will & the Egg (An original exposition of an original idea)

  1. Gives new meaning to the phrase “don’t keep all your eggs in one basket!” Very clever and orignal.

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