Cat 5 Shake Down

Sitting here in the Pink Wall, Hell Zone, Camp Cupcake, what ever you prefer – Hotel.  But you have no say so in the kind of shake down the overpaid, under trained, rent a cops decide to do, as they come into the door like the badasses they definitely are not.  You are sitting down to eat lunch and the badass goes around and closes your cell doors.  LOL here we go again!  Now this way normally means eat and as you get done get ready to remove all your clothes. Bloody pad and all, and give them to the female “Bad Ass” guard who makes you bend over and spread your butt cheeks. Now is the best time to pass gas!  After you get dressed again you go to the hall or the rec yard.  You pray for the outside rec yard, no stinky there.  Now you have 50 – 60 women in the rec yard and you are locked out. You sit and wonder what your cell will look like… Normally on this kind of shake down it is a flippin’ mess.  We are talking Cat 5 Hurricane in a 13 x 7 cell.  Praying you and your bunkie do not wear the same size underwear, or trying to remember if you ate that food from breakfast.  Sometimes you sit there and wonder if they got the mirror to find the “contraband” taped under the bottom bunk.  After 2 hours outside your bladder is about to pop. You’re trying to hold your ass real tight until you get to the toilet.  They come unlock the rec yard door and start calling out names. If your name is called you are BUSTED.  What was hiding in your cell is now on the desk or table.  You are now behind the bad girl door.  The ones left on the rec yard can now come in.  Now instead of going to the toilet you have to first find the T.P. because that Cat 5 hurricane turned into a Cat 7 twister.  Your things are everywhere and you do not realize until them how big a 13 x 7 cell becomes.  The books you were reading are now out on the floor by the bookcase near the guard’s desk.  Your bra and underwear are on the bed your dirty bra and underwear are also out of the laundry bag on the bed.  You wonder if the guard that made the Cat 7 twister of a mess may have been sniffing your underwear.  You get your room together find the T.P. and other things you forgot you had.  And now you sit and wait to see what kind of shake down is next….  To be continued

by, Anon


4 thoughts on “Cat 5 Shake Down

  1. Love your stream of conscious style. The way your mind’s eye connects straight to your pen with no filter. I did not want to go through a cat 5 shake down with you this morning but your words were so powerful I couldn’t look away.

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