Bullshit Shake Down

As you’re on your 12:00pm lock down waiting to come out at 1:00pm at 1:05 here comes the popo. Pulls you out of your room and want to strip-search you.  You go to the rec yard and 50 of you sit and wait again as they go through your room.  This is the time you should be on the beach sunning (this is the rec yard) or watching your soaps or making your phone calls.  Instead you are on the rec yard beach until 3:30pm.  So much for TV, phone calls, or making it to lunch for your food before the 4:00pm lock down. Then you get to your room and very little has moved and one girl is busted for laxatives. Because she could not poop.

Come to find out they wasted your day because it was ‘training day’ for How To Do a Bullshit Shake Down.

by, Anon


3 thoughts on “Bullshit Shake Down

  1. Dear Anon, Damn! this is a case of catch and release. I’m pretending to be a fish, caught on a hook, the person sees my ugly catfish head and says, let it go. Me catfish swims like hell to the deep end, next to the damn. Damn!

  2. I feel like my kid should reads this for a dose of reality. Honey, I just asked you to clean your room. THIS is what a REAL shakedown is like!

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