Top 40 Most Wanted (non existing) Book

  1. Broke Back Bunkie
  2. Martha Stewart’s contraband craft book: How to make something out of nothing
  3. Top 10 ways to use your pomade
  4. How Sara met Susan
  5. 101 ways to get the bottom bunk
  6. Chicken Ramen soup for the inmate’s soul
  7. The lock down game
  8. Courtesy flushing for dummies
  9. Two Trays: How to diet in jail
  10. Commissary cook book recipes
  11. 101 practical jokes to play on your Bunkie
  12. 10 best ways to piss off an officer
  13. How I snitched and won my case: A story from P C
  14. A tale of two cases: How I did my P.O. job for him
  15. 101 ways to use jail house tooth paste
  16. A tale of two tacos: How to eat your Bunkie
  17. Top 10 ways to get tazered
  18. B. O.: An inmate’s guide to proper hygiene
  19. How to lose your Bunkie in 10 days
  20. Top 10 ways to wear your uniform
  21. Passing the time: How to hurry up and wait
  22. Top 10 jailhouse fantasies
  23. What to expect when you are expecting in jail
  24. When inmates attack
  25. Taxed and confused
  26. Drinking more water: A nurse’s guide for most everything
  27. Top 100 uses for toilet paper
  28. 100 ways to use an orange in jail
  29. The turtle club: A guide to the suicide gown
  30. Sheets: A builder’s guide to forts
  31. How to properly use your vent phone
  32. Trashcan treasure chest
  33. Pretending you are deaf and when to use it
  34. Shower etiquette (When not to look)
  35. 1000 Ways to make a shank
  36. Dumb and Dumber criminals
  37. Stripes: A lock down story
  38. Jailhouse Ebonics: Learning to use slang
  39. 101 ways to use maxi pads
  40. How to survive a shakedown

4 thoughts on “Top 40 Most Wanted (non existing) Book

  1. My God. Where would we be without humor?!?! This is hysterical. The fact that it’s about such a grim truth makes it kind of subversive too. Love that.

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