Raped of my body mind and soul

Death is knocking at my door

I run in leaps, I run in bounds

Trying to escape the devils hell hounds

Damned to walk the streets at night

I cry tears of blood and tears of fright

I scream to the heavens “Oh God, why me”?

Have I been forsaken to eternity?

I’ve prayed to you every day and night

Hoping to be relieved of my strife.

I want to see you and see the light

I’m here knocking on heaven’s door

With my knees on the floor

I need a vacation

Could I ask that you be my salvation?

by, Queen B


2 thoughts on “Salvation

  1. Whoa, Queen B is passionate. At first read I was thinking this was about human suffering, but when I got thot the line, “damned to walk the streets at night”, it took a supernatureal turn. Like zombies or vampires trapped in eternal undeath or something. Then I thought, well maybe it’s about addiciion. There are similarities between addicts and vampires and both are certainly in need of salvation. Hmmmmm. Don’t think nobody read your work and gave it some serious thought because i did.

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