The feeling runs deep

Deep within my soul

I’ve come to learn a few times,

That it gets harder to let go.

So I inhale hard

And sigh with relief

I’m starting to learn inner truth, inner peace

I’m picking up the pieces,

Completely incomplete

No longer letting my fears

Overwhelm me with defeat

Taking little steps, one at a time

Trying to reassure myself that everything

Will be fine

So I begin to think right before I speak

And to remain strong when I’m really weak

I’m finally learning to breathe

And not hold my breath

I realized waiting for you will

Be a lonely death

I’ve come to the conclusion, sadly one

I have before

I’m shutting the window and opening

A different door

I will carry on as you remain in

One place

I am done waiting for you letting

My time go to waste


by, Tina Love



2 thoughts on “MOVING FORWARD

  1. What a beautiful description of that tipping point of letting go. Depicted that powerful feeling of sadness mixed with strength and freedom so well that it made my eyes sting.

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