Some play with cards, I play with thoughts. To some this

Is a vacation, three hots and a cot?  Surrounded by

Walls this isn’t another game. I hate to leave this place

Exactly the same.  I’m tired of this life, I’m ready to move on,

Being in this place I think my mind is gone.

Tired of the stories of how you got most of what I hear is just another

Lie.  Years of addiction I pray it gets better.  Tired of waiting

For some family letter.  I doubt your sincerity I doubt that you care.

It no longer matters if life is fair.


by, Lorraine Beemer


4 thoughts on “JAIL THOUGHTS

  1. Nobody ever told me life was fair. I must have missed that day at school. Tired of this life? The alternative sucks. Waking up above the ground is always a good thing. It gets better. Ride on!

  2. Ride on? Meant “hang on”. Spent some time with jail thoughts. It really does get better. YOU have to make it happen.. Vacation? My ass…

  3. I love the line, “Some play with cards. I play with thoughts.” I think you should keep playing with your thoughts on paper through your writing. Let us in on the game. We’re interested.

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