For the People

What are we focused on?  We should be practicing preventative measures rather than the “after effect” of issues presented to us today.

Preventative health care, focusing on ways to prevent the “side effects” of negative health habits, rather than drugs that mask the outcome.  Getting to the root of the problem.  Not to mention the cost that will double in the years to come.  People are not getting the health care they need as it is.

What happened to becoming self sufficient rather than relying on the corporations to run everything?  How we eat, sleep and breathe.  Growing our own food supply, living off the land seems to be a better way to do things.  Not just taking from the land and not giving back.  It is not only hurting everyone involved it is hurting the planet and the universe we live in.  Depending on others to take care of us is throwing things off balance.

Energy sources taking a step back and looking at these will be a Huge step.  Alternative energy sources, which are cleaner, safer and healthier. We rely so much on cars it is sickening.  Where is everyone always rushing?  I just do not understand the reason not to use more public transportation.  Cars seem to be just another accessory.

There is a need to gain some financial freedom.  Small businesses are almost extinct.  Big corporations are controlling almost everything. Traveling outside the big cities you see it most, what once thrived living within the community working on a smaller scale. Each place has its own natural, its own characteristics for surviving.  We need to start working as a whole, “For the People”

by, Fleur de France


4 thoughts on “For the People

  1. So very true… We are looking for the quick fix… The easy button… From drug abuse, to alcohol abuse, abusing our economy, to abusing our mother earth…

    What’s the answer… Get involved. Reach outside of ourselves to others that need support… Greed is a big part of the problem… Even in our little town of Key West, the big BUBBA system has foiled and fooled us again… We just celebrated our Conch Republic Days when a small group of people made a stand against our federal government because it was killing our local economy…

    We have to have the courage to stand up and do the hard things, to take matters into our own hands…

    One often forgotten fact that has shaped our nation… EVERY single one of our founding fathers that signed the Declaration Of Independence were committing a crime. They could ALL have been hung for treason… Who has the courage to make the same statement… Who can set down the me-ism and accept the we-ism…

    Our country is a mess because we have allowed the Government to be our daddy…And our Daddy is committing incest and rape every chance they get!

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