Feeling alone in a room full of people

A chill I feel from their eyes, their actions

Stuck in this transient place, feeling lost

In time and space such a sad and

Heartbroken place

I’m so sorry for all the time I’ve wasted

Realizing the lusciousness of life that I’ve

Just barely tasted.

And that old devil they call addiction,

I can still hear him calling my name

With such conviction-

That’s okay I hear myself say, I can’t

Come out and play today, maybe tomorrow

Or maybe never, I’m gonna have to be really clever

by, Anon


6 thoughts on “DEMONS

  1. There was a man named Enoch that did an amazing thing. He prayed to G-d to forgive the demons, the fallen angels and this moved G-d to acknowledge that man’s greatest gift is to defend, or pray that another person be saved for their own sake. Your writing reminds me of that story. Thank you

  2. i always wish that the pain of addiction could be bottled up and given to young people starting out so they could have a little taste of where it takes you. This poem does the job.

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