Tired of waking up in pain, with nothing to gain, every day the same only got me to blame.  Couldn’t of said no, so long ago, couldn’t of turned and run before it all began.  They call it a boy, but it’s a man, because you’re all the master plan.  Another addiction to add to my list.  Another addiction I could not resist, didn’t take long for me to enlist, soon family and everything I dissed.  This one was the devil’s drug, engulfed me like a warm safe hug, and then turned on me like a common thug.  Everyday deeper, my grave I have dug.  Doesn’t seem evil when it begins, pains from the past they start to mend, with each use pleasure it defiantly sends thru your being, your only friend…  or so you think, that’s if you can, think about anything else…  much less stand!  Sit, you feel like years in quicksand!  Try to get up on your knees you land!  Hollowed eyes, shivering bones, temperature high… “Just leave me alone”!  Acid in my stomach beginning to foam, can’t even crawl to get the phone.  Muscles so tight keep you up all night, “maybe one more” just to help your plight.  “Just wanna die”, not up for this fight.  Never-ending sickness, no end in sight.  Brain being fried.  Shakin’ on the inside… Who sold me this shit lied?  Took my ass for a ride”!  Overdosing on H20, oatmeal and juice.  Wanna stay in the bathroom, bodily functions going loose!  Ever hear of “Coming home to roost?” Wish I had chose that instead of this noose!  Just a few more days to get out of this pit.  Last cigarette, I just barely lit, barely can smoke; I’m over this shit…. DAMN…. Here I go again I have to vomit!


by, Milly Rachel


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