Tick Tock

You did it again, why baby why?

My screamin’ is silent, why’s your love so

Damn violent?  There’s no way I can take

Anymore…  That last blow’s got me crawlin’

On the floor.  My mind just clicks then time

Starts to tick

Tick Tock as my body’s being rocked

Tick Tock this shits gotta stop.

Somethin’ reminds me, I got six shots, six shots

To make that body drop. My chest tight and heavy….

Gotta’ grab that cold steel… and get

Ready.  Try it again and it will be the end.

Get low, get cover, it’s a wrap my sadistic

Lover.  My 357 held tight, bought to make

It alright.  My mind just clicks then time

Starts to tick.

Tick Tock you hear my gun cock

Tick Tock all I see is your


Tick Tock six shots made you



by, Milly Rachel


2 thoughts on “Tick Tock

  1. This makes me think of that song from “Chicago” called “He Had It Coming”. What you wrote is dark and violent but it also brings to mind a delicious fantasy I had occasion to indulge in back when I was married. Reminds me how lucky he is we are divorced.

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