Some Street Kid

I hate you and you hate me

So let’s agree to disagree

Being around you makes me sick

You’re more disgusting then the thought of a prick

You think you run this town

I remember not long ago helping you up when you were down

So what am I to you this day

Just some street kid who gets in your way

I used to love you, I used to care

Now all I do is avoid your stare

Remember when we used to look up at the stars

And on your chest and mine are the scars

by, Puke


3 thoughts on “Some Street Kid

  1. I enjoy your artistic expression, thank you. There is some poetic rule of the universe that allows poets to express themselves without being understood and at the same time relating and it doesn’t diminish the truth. Will look forward!

  2. PUKE! There you are. My Saturday morning ritual is to drink coffee and read my favorite blog. I got pretty far into this week’s entries without seeing anything from you and I’m thinking, “I can’t afford the airfare to get down there and demand to know wtf she is not writing more. So she better show up soon. And I am not disappointed. I was totally surprised and moved by the tender turnabout at the end of this angry poem. Did not expect stargazing. Went from angry to sad in one line. Love it.

  3. This feels very honest, and angry but a good productive kind of anger like she is workign something out. Keep it up! (And even ntough I did not see a signature it sure sounds like Puke!)

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