Let’s begin 1, 2, 3,

Look up here, your eyes on me

You, me, us, do you trust?

Let’s not be stupid, don’t you rush

Him, her, them, they

Here’s the game, want to play?

Take your turn, please roll

Hope you’re good, take control

You, me, sit right here

Now let me whisper in your ear

You stumble, I see it all

I’ll be there to catch your fall

I love you now, I love you then

1, 2, 3, let’s play again


by, Millie


One thought on “ANOTHER GAME

  1. This poem perfect and i would not change one single word. I think you should submit this to a magazine or contest for publishing. I just read it four times in a row and I am trying to figure out if the voice inviting the reader to play is trustworthy or not. So. Well. Written.

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