Street life, hustling the perpetual grind… Reality in the rear view mirror catching up from behind.  Running from the life I’ve made, such a heavy load.  Hurtling down the fast lane on this one-way road.  Swerving to the left, trying to dodge to the right, gripping the wheel of this obscene obsession with all my might.  Driving aimlessly, don’t want this to end.  Lights off in the dark, don’t want to lose my best friend.  Caution lights flashing from all kinds of direction.  Neglecting that rearview, don’t want to see its reflections.  Pushing the pedal, poppin’ that clutch, revving that engine…  damn I want it so much.

Signs to slow down, hazardous conditions, slowing down fast could this be my redemption?  Glance in that rearview one last time, reality still there it won’t leave me behind.  The ride has been like a roller coaster.  Trying to drift to the side, but I can’t get over.  Downshift too fast, slam on the brakes.  Blood starts to register what a difference it makes. Eyes are now getting too heavy to drive.  If I don’t stop now, I won’t get out alive.

by, Milly Rachel


2 thoughts on “REALITY

  1. So cool how the rhythm of the words makes my mind race and puts me right into the frame of the narrator. Gave me an anxiety attack!

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