I Will Never Ever Ever Ever Ever call 911 EVER!

February 28, 2013, he jumped off his bike yelling and slapping me in the face with both hands very, very hard, so hard I had a flash back of June 2012. He was drunk and slapped me so hard that I saw stars. His ring tore and split my left ear, his handprint tattooed on the right side of my face. My eyes swelled shut; blood soaked my white halter and my tooth cut a hole in my lip.

Yes February 28, 2013, I called 911. I was scared.  However, oddly, disappointingly and disturbingly, I was arrested.

I was charged with simple battery domestic violence because he was able to capture and enrapture the sheriff’s attention. He twisted my story and made a statement that I, the one to make the 911 call, attacked him and scratched his cheek. I have no nails! The sheriff photographed this scratch that is not visible to the human eye for evidence against me. I, the 911 caller, victimized him and called 911 to report myself victimizing? NOT!!!

I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER call 911 again for the rest of my life.

by, Boo


2 thoughts on “I Will Never Ever Ever Ever Ever call 911 EVER!

  1. This is the great thing about writing. No matter where you are, or what’s been done to you, you can say your truth for the world to read. No on can take your truth away from you.

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