I feel like crying what good will it do

I’ll still be locked away in jail here with you

I know your pain

Don’t want to be here but at this moment

I really don’t care

I laugh when I say shoot me in the head

I mean it really
I wish I were dead

They say only 4 or 5 more weeks

But there is no guarantee

So I write all this down instead of complaining

Of officers unfairness and just who is to blame

One more day passes

But it is never enough

We all are just waiting and putting

Up with stuff

Another day closer

You keep telling yourself

And listen to stories of others

That have dealt

So you believe it could be worse,

But your still stuck here,

Waiting, dreading tomorrow’s stealth

And I know my husband is depressed and alone

But I don’t feel I should be babying him

When I am the one in here
I mean really, come on.

by, R D Fachon


2 thoughts on “DEPRESSED

  1. I like the theme of time that runs through this. On the one hand, it’s your friend because the more of it that passes the closer you are to freedom. On the other hand it’s your enemy because it goes slowly and you have to live through all it. You definitely capture depression in this poem.

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