Insecurities leave many trails

Track marks left by bruised nails

Scars that gouge deep in flesh

Words that take away your breath

Open knuckles and black eyes

Bruises running down your thighs

Sweating palms, twitching behavior

Hiding behind a mask like Darth Vader

Countless brands, endless bottles

Put these nights in full throttle

Ripped paper and a crooked bow

What’s inside you never know?

by, Puke


3 thoughts on “CROOKED BOW

  1. I was JUST thinking about all of the trails that insecurities leave behind (mine and every one else’s). Lately it’s just been a trail of resentments but no actual bruises so I guess that’s pretty good.

  2. Wow, “what’s inside you never know”, you said that right Puke. I had a empathetic hang over reading this, so full of courage, resilence, stronger. Thank you for sharing.

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