BOX, aka PO Box Write On

Stuck in a box for way too long.  Actually it’s a box, in a box, in a box.  And sometimes if you’re bad or sad there is another box involved.  It’s a windowless box inside and out, nothing to see, no way in or out.

Even the dog kennel they call a rec yard is square.  It’s a boxy shape….yuck, you can’t even walk in circles.  If you lay down you can look up and see a fence, cut out in box shapes. I mean it’s ridiculous.

The cops walk around in boxy uniforms, with boxy haircuts.  Our food comes on a tray shaped like a box, that’s if it doesn’t come in a Styrofoam box.

So in a minute I’m going to class in another box inside my box.  It lets me think outside the box and takes me out of this box I live in just for a little while.  So write on for write on.  I hope to stay connected however I’ve been in this box a long time and I’m ready to interact with other shapes.

by, Milly Rachel


5 thoughts on “BOX, aka PO Box Write On

  1. Dear Boxed In, I bring the egg, not the egg man, the cracked egg,
    A crack in the cosmos if you will, a look into the otherside of the void,
    imagine that each moment of your life is experienced beside you, your soul mate,
    on the other side of our world is our karma, the bare naked soul,
    when you ask to visit this place, caution, you’ll see yourself in full karma view,
    then you’ll feel the peace and love of your soul mate, showing your originality,
    so facing all things, all things are brought to you to handle not alone,
    so facing all things, you find peace in yourself and nothing shakes your peace,
    you are loved, your soul mate stands with you, and you can feel the presence,
    Fill all the boxes with your eternal soul, and all suffering bear for peace is in you
    Dear boxed in, I close the egg back up, you’ve visited my place of originality,
    I share it with you in the love and may it bring you peace, inner strength to your cosmos

  2. I love looking at this computer box each week and seeing what you’ve written, Millie. It’s amazing how much your words can affect me when you are far way in a different world. Some part of you is sneaking out of the box.

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