It’s a cold and snowy afternoon, but inside the house it is warm and cozy.  Upstairs in the loft a wide shaft of sunlight streams thru the widow’s peak window dust motes dance and then float lazily to the floor.  She doesn’t notice though she became enchanted by a big red lacquer box.  Her pudgy little fingers can barely reach it as she strains on tip toe she finally knocks it to the floor and to her delight it’s contents of charcoals, brushes and oil paints come clattering down all around her.  And something else, a book?  Ooh a coloring book?  She picks up the charcoal pencil and the book then settles herself on a shag hook rug in the corner.  She opens the book, her small brow begins to furrow, what’s this?  Pictures of naked ladies?  At that precise moment she hears her coming up the stairs.  She feels embarrassed, not sure why, she drops the book as the woman enters the room.  The woman only smiles at her and begins to set up her easel and canvas in that same shaft of light.  The woman looks at the child and says cio bella my cara mia, don’t be ashamed, a woman’s body is nothing to be ashamed of for you will have one to one day.

The woman bends down and scoops the child with one arm, and with the other she picks up a brush, dips it into the lapis lazuli and begins to paint bold blue strokes across the canvas.  She looks at her daughter and says bella, have I ever told you the story of the little bunny rabbit with one blue eye and one brown eye?  The other bunnies used to make fun of him because he was different, but he could paint the most beautiful pictures!  And yes the little girl thinks to herself, yes mamma, many times, but please tell me again…

This was my mother in her art studio, and it made a lasting impression on my life.  I didn’t have a messed up childhood like many people here, I just liked to get high and then it took over my life…

by, Lisa H


4 thoughts on “ART STUDIO

  1. Oh sheesh I just LOVE this! Love it. Such rich detail it really took me away while i was reading it. I remembered being small and noticing all of those things like dust floating and feelings I couldn’t understand like embarrassment. Beautifully written in my humble opinion.

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