Fighting sounds come low from a distance

She gives in with absolutely no resitance

I can see them now right over there

She’s on the floor his hand pulling her hair

It’s not so clear how things fell into place

She pleads with him but fists meet her face

It was unspoken words that must of got him going

His blood pumping and all his emotions flowing

She closes her eyes embracing the crime

Telling herself that it’s going to be fine

As she walks in town her head hangs in shame

She convinced herself that she’s to blame

Then the time comes that she doesn’t give in

That’s the night she puts a 45 to his chin

This is the part that will make you shiver

She smiled sweetly and pulled the trigger



by, Tina Love



4 thoughts on “Silence

    • Yes theguywiththeeye they certainly are, The Monroe Country Detention Center to be precise. Write On is a writing class that meets once a week in the jail. Attendance is voluntary and no rewards are exchanged, except for the reward of posting the work on this site. The writers are always very pleased to hear any feedback.

  1. When I read your work I feel a beautiful, strong rythym pulsing through it. It really draws me in and makes the story come alive.

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