“OMG My Nuts”

As I sat quiet one August night waiting on the time to pass, I got bored OML, I’m going crazy looking around, what can I do, what kind of trouble can I get into. With tire iron in my hand I see a guy’s truck I cannot stand. He need some aggravation in his world. So I walk to his truck, and cool there’s only four lug nuts to remove. So I walk around and remove them all and place them all in the back of his truck. As morning sun appears behind the storm clouds the work boats come in one by one. The storm now is getting close and the one with the no nuts has just come into sight. He docks, unloads his catch for the night as the storm starts coming down. He gets all done, wet as a fish he jumps in his truck and starts to leave, pulling off he turns hard right as he pulls out like a bat out of hell, like he always does, but OMG what has happen now! All four wheels with the truck falls to the ground. He gets out cussing up a bigger storm than he is standing in. Time to call the tow truck dude, ‘coz I sat alone and bored for way two long.

by, Silver Vixen


2 thoughts on ““OMG My Nuts”

  1. I enjoyed how you wove the storm in. When I read “the storm is getting close” i felt it could mean the angry truck owner or the weather. Also, I thought it was revealing about the narrarator that he/she put the lug nuts in the back of the truck. A small courtesy contrasting with the larger mischief. Intriguing.

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