House of Dreams

My head is pounding

With each beat of my heart

I built a house of dreams,

Watched it all fall apart

I’m angry, I’ve fallen, want

This pain no more, this is

So not new, been through

It all before

A way of life, a keen

Wailing within, fuck the devil

I am sin

Why am I here, I’m so over this

Shit, this is my bed so I lay in it

Climb under the covers, pull them

Over my head, feel my pulse, my heart

Beat-nothing- I am dead

Dead to the world, done with life

On its terms, my dreams up in flames

Helplessly watch them burn

I’m mad – like angry

Mad – like insane, the search

For pleasure always ends in pain

Why search for happiness

Why give a damn

Simple abundance my ass

All that shit’s a sham

by, Frankie


3 thoughts on “House of Dreams

  1. This poem speaks of anger but I feel a strong current of grief and sadness running beneath it. For me, this tension between the declared emotion and the one I feel when reading it makes it really moving.

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