Dr Suess Eat Your Heart Out

There was a cat in a hat

Whom I skinned and turned into a mat

Then there was a fox in socks

But it died from a horrible pox

There was also ol’ Sam

But he got salmonella from green ham

Don’t forget those with stars on thars

But they got rhinoplasty and were left with scars

Also there was the x-mas stealing grinch

Who pawned all the presents and was gone in a sinch

What about Horton who heard a who

Now in a straight jacket left with nothing to do

And to Hell with 1 fish 2 fish red fish blue fish

They taste horrible and make a lousy dish.



by, Puke


4 thoughts on “Dr Suess Eat Your Heart Out

  1. Deliciously cynical. And super smart and funny. Plus any poem with death by horrible pox is automatically classified as a masterpiece by me. Thank you for reminding me about pox. I will wish it on someone tomorrow in your honor. 🙂

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