Dented Knuckles

Am I going crazy

Everything is hazy

I’m losing some semblance of time

I’m jumping out of my skin, my mind

My knuckles have dents

Nothing seems to make sense

I canot comprehend if this is ignorance

Call it what you will, give it any name

The point is I’m losing, I cannot play this game


I am strong, I am proud

I will not get lost in this cloud

I know what this is, I know what this means

From the beginning I have declared war on me

I am sick of this fight, of this fighting, I have fought

All it’s done is left me pathetic and distraught

There’s too much ahead of me to let my mind rot

Come on world, the fuck have you got


by, Puke


5 thoughts on “Dented Knuckles

  1. Pathetic and distraught, pull up a thought,
    the brain is a machine and your mind is on Pi,
    going and going and going, I see calculator lock,

    Balance the score by scoring a balance,
    emotions got a math too, space and time,
    manifest the peace by taking your action,
    manifest a thought, that equals perfection,
    the perfect peace, the grail, the minds eye, not Pi.

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