Why Do I

Why do I try so hard

Just to fail, how can I

Be in Heaven engulfed in

Flames from Hell

Why should I smile

When I want to cry

Takes courage to live,

A coward to die

Why should I care

And continue to believe

When the master of trickery

Has more up his sleeve?

A blow to the body, the

Head and the heart, take

My soul, tear my dreams apart

Why look forward, upwards past

The rafters, my plans now thwarted-

I still hear your laughter.

by, Frankie


One thought on “Why Do I

  1. “How can I be in Heaven engulfed in flames from Hell?” I sure as heck don’t know the answer to that question but Its a good one. It reminds me of how things like addiction, misguided love and other forms of crazy can really seem like possession by the devil.

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