The DTs

With drugs not in my system

I don’t ask myself why.

They were my reason to live

And now my reason to cry

Now I stare at the wall

While I shiver and shake

Feeling like my whole body will break.

I look at the clock

Five, Ten, Fifteen times

But the minute hand

Has only moved a few lines

I’m starting to go crazy

The hours seem like days.

How will I get through this?

Will I make it all the way?

by, aka Tina Love


3 thoughts on “The DTs

  1. your watching yourself make it…. sort of like the clock you are watching – may be more like one minute at a time? they say one day at a time the minutes do add up!

  2. Well, after reading this I will not be picking up a drink or drug today. So well described. The only way out is through.

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