Rag Doll

I fell from up high and hit hard

Rolled under the bed where I was forgot

Until one day a maid come a cleaning

And swap me out.  With my date now expired

Unwanted all dented I’m now a Damaged Good

I been beat, hit, broken, and thrown,

Smashed, bashed, till blood was pouring

My teeth knocked out and my heart torn all apart

Till I made up my mind I was no longer

A rag doll, I was no longer Damaged Goods

But I did not call 911!!

by, Denise


3 thoughts on “Rag Doll

  1. I love the rag doll image. Perfect way to describe that state of being where everything affects you from the outside in. So cool how, by the end of your poem there is an “I” voice talking. Inspiring.

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