On My Own

At least I understand it

At least the basic ideal

The meaning that’s behind it

As we move around the wheel

It is all planned out

It’s happening right now

That’s what it’s all about

No need to wonder how

So though I have a plan

To create the life I want

Controlling what I can

Trying not to let it daunt

I carry the love with me

All that I’ve known

It gives me strength if need be

To do it on my own

I hope that you come with me

Down the road I must go

I believe that we’re meant to be

And together we can grow

No matter what transpires

As the life I lead unfolds

Peace and happiness the goal

By Robbin


2 thoughts on “On My Own

  1. Okay this made my eyes sting and drops of wet stuff came out. It just took me right back to the painful but really beautiful and empowering times when I have had to let go of my ideas how about how things should turn out with someone and just love them in the moment. Sniff.

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