Imagine…, your favorite cereal…, with curdled milk, a $50 scarf made of rayon…, the tag said it was silk.

A box of raisins that seems to have grown feet, no drinks in bed, yet you’ve wet the sheets.

A filet of fish, hot sauce and all two hours later, you’re curled up in a ball.

Gorgeous long flowing gown, with just a few steps, you’ve fallen down,

Awesome heels, now one’s broken, beautiful choker, by which you are choked.

Make up applied carefully, yet your lipstick has smeared, done your glasses just to hear.

Items bought with no receipt to return, BenGay on your hemorrhoids, bet that shit burns.

Bet you’d start your day over if you could. Now let’s make out the list of damaged goods.

by, Frankie C


3 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. Ugh. I have felt the kind of bitterness and disappointment you capture so well in this poem. Show me a human being and I’ll show you a list of damaged goods, right?

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