Frankenstein Bride

So here I am again, severed apart

He threw me away, he tore out my heart

Left cut up and broken and deeply depressed

Appendages scattered, he left me a mess

A pile of body parts now, that lay on the floor

But I can rebuild, I’ve done it before

I’ll need some tape, some glue and some twine

For getting my head, reattached to my spine

A lung and a liver, intestines beneath

Dust off my brain, then pop in some teeth

Sew a thigh to a knee, a knee to the shin

I tossed out my spleen then nailed on my chin

I’ve broken some parts, a few ribs I may lack

But I sit myself up, and straighten my back

Glued on my nose, tape on my lips

Sew on some hair, screw on my tits

I rise up from the ground, covered in dirt

No nerves left to sever, so I’ll never hurt

No voice box to say a whisper or hush

Don’t try to flatter, no blood left to blush

I fixed up the details, my ears and my eyes

For crying my tears, and hearing your lies

Might have lost a few pieces, a finger, a toe

But they’re not important, so you’ll never know

Pieced back together, but I took one part

Closed up the sutures, but left out my heart

That parts for you, thou you’ll abuse it, I know

I put it in a box, topped it with a bow

Stitched myself up, with care and with pride

Now love me forever, your Frankenstein Bride

by, Nicole


6 thoughts on “Frankenstein Bride

  1. LOVE THIS!!!! I think its something I think most people have felt – torn up by love – and that has been written about since the begining of time. But this spinning it as a horror story is truly fresh. Its entertaining and full of insight.

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