Emotionally Dry

My screams don’t make a sound

Lying emotionless, body’s cold on the ground

I feel so empty, very lost, and alone.

I put up a wall, turned myself into stone.

I’m full of spite and that makes me weak

The core of the problem, I don’t dare to speak

My eyes are dull so empty inside

People should avoid me, I can tell you why.

I don’t make my own decisions, I let the

Dope do it for me

Hiding it from you with victorious glory

Oh “sweet” boy you’re a fool if you didn’t know

I should of left, you should let me go.

You got burned and I’m at blame

I’ll own up to it baby cuz’ I got no shame

You never stood a chance competing with the dope

No happy ever after yet you had such hope

I’m sorry for all the things that I never


Now you’re left standing there, wishing

I was dead.

by, aka Tina Love


3 thoughts on “Emotionally Dry

  1. Oh jeez. They should read this at the begining of every Alanon meeting. Maybe then people will get a glimpse of what they are messing with when they love an addict.

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