So, I pull up my sleeve

I fell and I fell fast.

Shatter heart, reflecting on the battered past.

The ball fumbled, while my dreams passed.

Trapped in my own personal hell,

Thinking to myself “I might as well.”

So, I pull up my sleeve

My savior, I believe.

I close my eyes,

Let go of the pain.

My eyes roll back,

When I hit the vain.

I let go,

Slip into dark.

I’m broken,

But still hear my heart.

I see nothing ,

No one’s around.

This is how I get

When I feel down.

At the bottom of the tunnel

Looking up to see the light.

I don’t want to get up,

I don’t want to fight.

My eyes open,

I gasp for air.

Why am I alive?

This ain’t fair!

I want to let go,

Just get away.

I’m done lying to you,

I’m not okay.

by, aka  TINA LOVE


One thought on “So, I pull up my sleeve

  1. So simply written and powerful. I always feel it in my gut when someone is writing from the heart about what they really know and have lived. Next time you don’t want to ‘get up and fight’ you could maybe sit down and write? xo

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