Perfectly Broken

You ask who I am… to give you a token!

to answer you honestly…. I’m perfectly broken

Lifes ups and downs my hold long slipped

Been to hell and back my angels wings clipped

Lost my way, groped thru the dark

Settling for less caused scars to my heart

Too many times my mindset came into play

Dodging emotional bullets come as they may

Broken and bruised, pains and the ache

Wouldn’t change a thing, ’cause this women they make

So you ask who I am, I gave you a token

Showed you my heart, and told you…

I’m perfectly broken

by, Milly Rachel


2 thoughts on “Perfectly Broken

  1. Love this. Putting broken next to perfect that way is an interesting thought. Like maybe youre broken but its who you are so its beautiful. If you write a book Perfectly Broken would be a great title.

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