My Own Worst Enemy

Renee was running as fast as she could, too afraid to look behind her for fear it would slow her down.  She still could not believe it. Could it be real?

She had been standing in line at the ATM when she caught a glimpse in the reflection of something behind her, but her mind must be playing tricks on her, she had thought.

As she walked down the street, she again thought she saw it out of the corner of her eye as she hurried past the shop windows.

Finally, as she waited for the elevator in her building, she was terrified to realize there was no doubt.  It was behind her!  The doors opened and she immediately jumped in and pressed the “CLOSE DOOR.”  As they began to shut, she closed her eyes in relief but when she opened them again it was standing next to her in the mirrored doors!  She screamed as the doors opened again and she darted out and ran down the corridor to her apartment, unlocked the door and quickly vanished inside.  She closed the door, relocked it and turned around.

There, standing in front of her, face to face, was herself.  She opened her mouth, as if to scream again and everything went black.

by, Robbin


One thought on “My Own Worst Enemy

  1. What an imagination! This reminds me of an episode of the Twilight Zone except it has a deeper philosophical twist at the end. It’s totally creepy but it could also be spun as humor/satire too when you think about how true this is for everyone. We really should be afraid of the things we can do to ourselves.

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