Work in Progress

Humbled or humiliated when you speak ugly things, followed by my name, should I say nothing, hang my head in shame?

Confident or egotistical, my place in this world, stand tall, take flight as my wings unfurl.

Ignorant or innocent, how shall I be perceived, is it myself or others whom I deceive?

Alone or in a crowd, in time I’ll see, is it you or myself that’s my worst enemy?

A liar, a cheat, a thief, indeed murderous rage at who planted this seed.

Pull out the root, destroy the core, I am no longer these things any more.

If asked again where I now stand, trust, I no longer answer to man.

My Higher Power can restore me, a mess. I am now and will remain a work in progress.

by, Frankie C.


5 thoughts on “Work in Progress

  1. Hello Frankie, I really liked this poem. I studied poetry for a creative writing degree, and found it difficult to structure, and to choose the right words and find cadence or rhythm to what I had to say. You, however, possess what it takes to create real poetry. You must go further, it makes great reading. Thank you. ~ Anthea

  2. I love what you wrote and how you wrote it. When I forget that I am a work in progress things don’t go so well. Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

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