The Hell Zone

I’m living in a OMG, WTH, and No They Didn’t kind of place. We have monkeys who watch over us. But yet don’t take the time to know our name. And 90% of them need a drug test cuz they look, act and blow like they are high as hell. These monkeys need a change of career due to the fact they can’t handle the weird and off the wall clients who are just in need of help. I’ve seen two episodes this week where all involved should lose their job.

There’s a client here who just wants to be left alone, she’s quiet, and don’t cause a scene. Four days ago we was all doing what we do and all these monkeys came in and said, “Go to your room!” Looking out my window like watching live TV these monkeys open this client’s door and she sat up. Poor girl has been on suicide watch for over eight days now, no clothes, no sheets, just a velcro suit. As she sits up she gets pepper sprayed for no reason at all. She’s not fighting, not swinging like I would be doing. She gets up and sits in a straight-chair where she’s strapped in. Then they take her to the showers and proceed to spray her down with the cold water hose. Treating her worse than a dog. Why they do this we will never know because its not the first time I’ve watched this and probably wont be the last.

Then a few days later a woman with HIV started to have chest pains and went to see the Mad Scientist because I doubt they even have an RN license. They sent her back an hour later. Then just before bed she was crying and begging to see he Mad Scientist. A cyst on her side was about to burst and she was in so much pain. For the last two days she’s whimpered and cried and won’t eat. So instead of getting the Mad Scientist like she needs, they send in three monkeys with the blue gloves and never give her a chance. Puts her hands behind her back, took her things away and locked her in another room, all by herself. She needs a mad scientist not a room. WTH’s this place come to.

Part 2: Medical Hell Zone

There’s so many nightmares here where do I start? Guess we’ll start at the vampires and work our way down. You live in Hell Zone long enough you got to go see a vampire, who OMG can’t suck blood. She needs to find Count Dracula and get more lessons. Because if she can’t get your blood from your hand she goes for your arm, if she fails at that she goes to the other hand and arm. If she misses that she calls in another vampire who gets blood the first time, but then says, “Drink more water so next time’s not so bad.” Next time, hell I’ll refuse that call!

Then you get to see the pygmies who if you don’t need drugs they give you anything you ask for. But if you hear voices, or have meds from the outside, you’re screwed because then they claim, “Oh we don’t have that here. But how are you feeling?” If you don’t smack the pigmies because they won’t give you your drugs, then you get to see the Mad Scientist who’s cure for all from a broke foot to heart attacks, to a zit on your butt, is water and an ointment. So don’t get sick in the Hell Zone because they don’t care and you may not make it home.

Part 3: No Complaint Department in Hell Zone

I’ve never heard of a place with no complaint department. That’s just not right. You have the Better Business Bureau for when you have problems with a store. You have 911 when you want to complain about a neighbor. You have Internal Affairs when you a complaint about 911. But where do you go when you have a complaint about the State or County’s business? Because if you complain about the State or County’s business they put you in a room by yourself ‘till you learn to keep quiet about what’s going on. What kind of crap is that?

And some of what’s going on is you have some guards who can do what they want when they want even if it breaks the rules. And then there’s the diabetics who get their food stolen by a trustee who wants what they have. I thought health comes first but guess not in the State places.

by, Anon


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