Love, Love

Love, I love love. I love the idea of being in love. I crave love. I need love. I want love.

Do you love? I mean do you love … love? Do you remember your first love? Your second? Third or fourth? It doesn’t have to be a person, just a love, … something you loved. Hmmm, apparently if there was more than one, well, that means you’ve lost in love. So … do you still believe in love?

Oh, the heartbreak of losing love, the wounds, the scars. The pain. Sometimes though I love the pain, … Why you ask? Because it’s real. I can feel it, and I love to feel. I love real, and I know the pain will lead to love again. So stand fast and love today.

by, Milly Rachel


5 thoughts on “Love, Love

  1. Hello Milly, I really liked your post. It had heart, it had depth. You know the double-edged sword that love is. You have something to say. Thank you for this. x Anthea

  2. J. Geils Band – Love Stinks! Divorced for the second time, 5 years ago. Still have a bad taste in my mouth. Will never fall inlove again. Enjoyed ur post.

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