If I were a Corrections Officer

(Fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all. When people are in jail they need to have some knowingness, because there is too much unknowingness).

If I were a corrections officer, what kind would I be? I would be patient, tolerant and fair, my inmates would have respect for me. After all, this is the way to earn respect, not by being sarcastic, intolerant and making everyone a nervous wreck.

I think a percentage of people return to jail due to the fact that they were not rehabilitated, only unpleasantly attacked. Positivity not narrow-mindedness can help change that.

Some are here as victims of circumstance, some are here because they just never had a chance.

No matter race, sexuality or ethnicity each individual is their own person to me. I am certainly no one to judge because, after all, we are human and we all make mistakes, but eventually we develop the skills that it takes to learn from those mistakes.

Each day at the end of my shift when I turn that key to leave they all look at me with great envy. This is the part of my job that I dread, but I leave knowing in my heart and my head that I treated everyone with patience, tolerance, dignity and respect and when I come back they will at least know what to expect.

by, Linda D.


2 thoughts on “If I were a Corrections Officer

  1. Linda D., You sound as rehabilitated as anyone I know. You understand that all we really have in this world is what we give to others. Because i read your words I will try hard to treat every individual I meet tomorrow with dignity, patience and respect.

  2. Linda D, what’s the old cliche about the inmates running the prison? You should be. Sounds like you got it going on. Nobody’s perfect. Your views on tolerance, dignity and patience earns you respect. If people would just treat others the way they want to be treated, the whole place would be better for everyone. Thank you for your insight.

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