Corrections Officer

Oh how it amuses me

To see people locked in cages.

Most don’t seem to even make minimum wages!

Can’t afford bail,

They’ll never get out of jail.

I was picked on in school

Always alone, no friends.

Now I get to be a tool.

Part of the government,

I get to distribute punishment.

F**k no it’s not fair!

Why should I even care?

Now I get a badge, cuffs and mace.

I feel I’ve finally found my place.

Boy am I glad my childhood sucked balls!

Now I get to laugh at people behind walls.

by, Puke


3 thoughts on “Corrections Officer

  1. Puke! This is the second piece of yours I have read and I’m officially a fan. This one hit a nerve because I just finished reading a book about psychopaths. In it, an expert on psychopathy states that many psychopaths end up in “gatekeeper” jobs like corrections or security or cops or bouncers because they can be sadistic and controlling. The book described it but your words made me FEEL it.

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