Kids will be Kids

I should be down by the tracks

With a bottle in my hand

Waiting on my train

Drinking my favorite brand

I shouldn’t be behind these walls

Wishing my mind to stop

I shouldn’t have to listen to these people

Listening to stupid pop

I should be ten states away

Hanging with my crew

Bitching about this and that

And probably about you

I shouldn’t feel anything

No nothing at all

I shouldn’t fall asleep

Looking at a wall

I should be in a squat

Passed out in my bag

Wake up still drunk and hungover

Right next to some hag

I shouldn’t have to justify

The way that I am

I shouldn’t have to try

To make you understand

I should be happy

With no destination

I should be happy

With no hesitation

I shouldn’t be self absorbed and ignorant

I shouldn’t have a job

Trying to pay rent

I should say, ‘F**k You’

Oh wait, I did

I should always feel

Just like a kid.

by, Puke


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