Biding Time, Time, Time

If the world ended tomorrow,

Would you feel any sorrow?

For the things in the past you cannot change,

Or for the future that borders on the strange?


I cannot deny nor consume, 

For my life stops when I enter this room.

Doors of steel, walls of cement,

Draw forth for the perfect lament.


I’ve been locked, lost, in my mind,

Going insane, biding time, time, time.

So even if the world were to end this day, 

In my room, my mind, I would stay.


by, Puke


3 thoughts on “Biding Time, Time, Time

  1. This describes hopelessness very well. The room you describe being trapped in could be anything; loneliness, addiction, illness. I can relate to the feeling of being cut off from the world.

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