Stood Still

Have you ever stood in a crowd, and felt completely alone? Not lonely, just alone …. solo … you know? Have you watched them walk by you? Oblivious to your existence? Have you been overwhelmed with thoughts of why you’re standing so still? Why it seems everything, everyone else is operating at a faster pace? Do you wonder why you’re here? Do you wonder if they ever ask themselves that question? I mean who are they? Who are you? Who am I? Do you hear the sounds around you? And wonder how the hell it got so loud? Have you ever looked at someone close to you and can’t see their tears?

Have you ever stood in a crowd and felt completely secure? A part of the whole … a part of the whole equation? Have you ever known … felt at that moment, that ‘this’ was exactly as it should be? Do you search for answers? Do you help others search? I mean do you know who they are? Who you are? Who I am? Do you try to understand? Do you hear sounds and enjoy how beautiful they are? Have you held someone and helped them dry their tears? Have you ever just stood still?

By, Milly C. Rachel


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