Sardines N Milkshake

Jimmy, my best friend Jay, and myself was smoking and drinking. We went to Wally World to fuck around. Jimmy got a milkshake from the Golden Arches inside. I had on a banana hammock and an elephant and I stuffed its trunk with napkins to make it look like a big one! So we walked around acting a fool. The manager came up to us and asked us to leave. My banana hammock people didn’t like! So we get back in the car, roll another joint! I found two cans of sardines in the floor board. I hate seafood. He says they’ve been back there for a while. NASTY! It’s 90 degree weather for two weeks probably. Anyway, so we ride the parking lot, smoking, drinking. I spot this red 89 Chevy S10 twin cab, window down, parked away from all the other cars. I told them we should dump the sardines and milkshake in there. First they said, “No!” But I talked them into it. Jay gets out, so do I. He starts dumping the sardines, I dump the milkshake. This guy sits up! Scares the SHIT out of us! All you can see is milkshake and sardines running down his face! I scream to Jay to jump back in the car, laughing so hard I pissed all over myself. We go to haul ass, we hit the curb, bent the rim. But we got away.


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