Pissed On

F**k your society!

It all feels like idiocracy.

There’s no one left to teach, nothing left to learn.

Except for the art of self destruction,

In which case my head I’ll turn.

All that’s left to do is run, run, run.

Run away from a job I hate,

To buy shit I don’t need,

To fill some fucked up economic plea.

To know that there is death and starvation,

While the masses are too busy with the wars they’re waging.

Do people have the right to ask

Why I go from state to state?

Why I seem to show less love, and more hate?

This was supposed to be my generation, my time.

Instead it’s turned into an infectious slime.

I will get on the next train I hear.

I might be back in a few months, or a year.

Just to find the town’s gotten worse,

This is my plight, my curse.

by, Puke


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