Monster in the Mirror

As she look into the mirror at this creature known as herself, she see a parched soul. An’ in the eyes of some she is known as a troublemaker. Life is in decay with her dreams. She now know she meant nothing to her parents. And now that she know that she feels trapped in this body of a monster. She sit back and think should she take a razor blade to her arm like the monster everybody see her as. An’ start to cut. But as she was up to a mirror an’ stare at the creature staring back at her she come to realize that the creature is her, known as the monster in the mirror.

by Kenisha


One thought on “Monster in the Mirror

  1. This is cool. I read it a few times and wondered if the writer believes she really is a monster or is that just how she is reflected in the eyes of people around her. Maybe that’s something we wonder about ourselves.

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