Insanity or Simply Watermelon

Sea-foam green with streaks of Kelly,

Plump and oval, so juicy it tickles my belly.

Inside so sweet, the fuchsia, the seeds…

Mouthwatering sensations that dribble and tease.

A chunk, a slice; you name the price.

It’s not apples I’m selling, it’s simply watermelon.

Then, something cracks open inside me, not unlike that watermelon,

Cool and soothing and sweet.

Insanity. It’s drenching and delicious, (if you really roll around in it).

by, Anon


One thought on “Insanity or Simply Watermelon

  1. So much going on here I don’t know where to begin saying how much I love it. Its sensual and rich but also full of meaning and metaphor. Talent!

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