Brown Bag

It’s the little things in life here at The Pink Wall Hotel, that makes our lives easier when our lives are going to hell.


We sit in our cell thinking, where did I go wrong? As you stop and look around you start to realize, what am I going to have to use to keep my mind together?


You’ve put sheets on your bed, and organized your clothes, you’ve cleaned out the trash from your bin for now, but Oh my God where’s this trash go? Try the brown bag by your toilet. It fits in life here quite well.


But where did it come from, how did it get there? Not like the CO hands you a brown bag and says, “This is for your trash and welcome to The Pink Wall Hotel.”


Stick around for a few days and you will find out how that brown bag came about.


In a big yellow bin on Mondays about 2:30pm filled with all those brown bags. Just like by your toilet. We hope its a new one and not recycled cuz Lord knows I would not want my commissary out of my brown bag by my toilet.


Commissary has coffee, sugar, soups and cream, pickles, chips, wraps stationary and hygiene. But don’t feel left out you can order your little brown bag later that comes with 3 envelopes, 3 papers, a pencil and a deodorant good for maybe three uses.


After 2:30pm on Monday is when the fun starts because the ones who got no brown bag will act like your best friend, till your bag is now back by your toilet empty of your goods.


And your so called friends now ignore you and call you names like a kid.


So then you get mad and start a fight cuz no one wants to pay you back. You end up in DC behind the locked doors in the back because you tried to get back what should have been yours. If you’re unlucky enough to end up with a lock down door without a black flap the CO puts up a little brown bag that has no crack.


It’s time for court and the CO says, “Roll it up!” and hands you a brown bag so you can put your clothes and food in for court. Go to court and come back, nothing much has changed except for the new face in Cell 2. Unpack your brown bag from court and roll the top down cuz you need it for storage now. Fold your clothes and put them in your rolled brown bag because your bin is full of books to keep you from going MAD.


Anywhere between 10:00 – 11:00 we will be wondering, when will our Drug Dealer come? We need our meds so we can get this day done. But it’s not only meds she brings, she has little brown bags for the one’s with a bun in the oven. But if you’re one of the unfortunate souls who ends up with a UTI or yeast infection then you get humiliated when the Dealer gives you a little brown bag with cream and says, “Make sure you use it all.”


Then at 8:45pm you go to the CO and out of this brown bag comes a razor that gives out on the fourth cut. Look down and you have squirting blood and you’re not feeling so good. Let the meds kick in and you will be good as new.


Now you’ve accumulated too much stuff and some of it needs to go to Property. The CO will give you that brown bag for your extra stuff.


The CO takes your property out of the dormitory. But from there where’s it go? Who’s watching your extra stuff? Remember, we are in jail.


You’ve done your time, you’re leaving The Pink Wall Hotel. How you going to leave with your stuff? The officer will give you your last brown bag and say, “See ya soon. Now get out of my jail.”

by, Denise B.


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