Attitude and Behavior

Be it may, be it might, my behavior got me this seat tonight.

Each rule that was made, the ones I think don’t apply- were created for and by me, myself, and I
Had not I done things that I did in fact do, I would not be sharing these words with you
As the years have gone by, I, the hard way have learned.
Various lessons taught, friends lost, bridges burned.
I had an attitude of indifference, growing up towards many, hindsight is truly 20/20
Open eyes look back and clearly see all the games I played, yet the joke was on me.
Repeatedly making the same mistakes not realizing my life was at stake-
My attitude and behavior helped make the bed in which I currently lay, but this is not where I choose to stay.
Choices I made and ones I’m now making are no longer one and the same.
The difference is in both my attitude and behavior because both I had to change.
If you want it with all your might, you too can change this very night.

by Frankie C.


One thought on “Attitude and Behavior

  1. You did a great job of outlining the only things in this world that we CAN control. Attitude and behavior. I forget that and my life turns ugly.

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